Program of Study Admission Requirements

New students in the Faculty of Arts & Science are admitted to an admission stream in their first year of study. Note that the "Computer Science Admission Category" is not the same as the "Computer Science Program of Study". 

Beginning fall 2019:

To be eligible to submit an application, students from any admission stream must have completed at least 4.0 FCEs including CSC148H1 (with a minimum grade of 70%) and CSC165H1/CSC240H1 (with a minimum grade of 70%). Students will be assessed based on a competitive average across these courses, and a supplemental application which will be considered alongside their academic results.

  1. All students who intend to apply for the St. George Computer Science Specialist, Major or Minor POSts must take CSC148H1 and CSC165H1/CSC240H1 on the St. George campus. No other courses will be considered for admission to the CS POSts. 

  2. Full supplementary application details will be available here in winter 2020.

  3. Requests for admission will be considered in the first program request period only. Detailed program enrolment instructions and application deadlines for restricted programs will be available here in winter 2020.

  4. Transfer students (including those from UTM/UTSC) who completed CSC148H5 / CSCA48H3 / MAT102H5 / CSCA67H3 / and other CSC148H1 / CSC165H1 equivalent courses in the summer 2019 term or earlier may use these courses for POSt admission. Transfer students (including those from UTM/UTSC) who completed these courses after the summer 2019 term may not use them for POSt admission, but may use them to satisfy computer science course prerequisites.

  5. The Transfer Credit Office will no longer directly admit transfer students and second-degree students to a computer science program.

  6. Due to the limited enrolment nature of this program students are strongly advised to plan to enrol in backup programs.

  7. Students admitted to the program after second or third year will be required to pay retroactive deregulated program fees.

Note: The Computer Science Specialist program, Computer Science Major program and the Data Science Specialist program are restricted to students in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Admission Statistics

Admission to a Computer Science Program of Study is competitive; the capacity of our programs is based on our ability to teach sufficiently many sections of the required courses and ensure a high quality learning experience for all students in those courses. For this reason, admission is competitive. Each year, we determine our projected teaching capacity and accept many of the best students. Below, you will find data about applications and admissions to our programs for the past few years. The numbers for the major and specialist programs are combined.

Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Number of Applications
(Specialist + Major)

537 647 841 828 981
Number of Admissions
(Specialist + Major)
453 539 567 475 527

Median Average
(Specialist + Major)

78.5 80.2 82.3 85.1 89.2
Median Average
84 84.3 84.1 83.1 84

(official numbers published on Nov 1)

How To Apply For A
Computer Science Program of Study

To apply for the Specialist, Major or Minor program in Computer Science, log-on to ACORN. Select Enrol & Manage from under Academics on the menu at the left-hand side of the page, then click on Programs. In the Add a Program box, enter the code of the computer science program listed below, in which you want to enrol.

Note: Do not select program codes that may show with "X" at the end. They are for administrative purposes only (not for student selection).

Program application dates, stages and steps can be found in the Arts & Science Registration Instructions & Timetable website.

Repeating Courses As “Extra” For The Purposes Of Getting Into A Computer Science Program

Students may repeat a course they have already passed in order to attempt a higher grade for Computer Science program admission. Students may only repeat a passed course one time under this Faculty of Arts and Science rule. All courses that have already been passed will no longer be available to students for enrolment on ACORN, so students wishing to repeat a passed course must go to their college registrar's office before or during their course enrolment period to request enrolment.

Implied And Explicit Exclusions When Repeating Courses For Program Entry

Owing to the sequential nature of the computer science (CSC) undergraduate courses and prerequisites, the department does not permit students to repeat a given course after having taken and passed any course that is later in the program sequence. In other words, once you have taken and passed a course, you cannot "go back" and retake any of its prerequisites (direct or indirect). For example:

Note that, for the purposes of this policy, enriched courses (CSC240H1 or CSC265H1) are considered equivalent to their “regular” version (CSC236H1 or CSC263H1, respectively). For example, students who have taken and passed CSC265H1 may not re-take CSC165H1.

For more information on “extra” courses, please see the Faculty of Arts and Science Academic Calendar, Rules & Regulations.

For any advice about course selection, please contact the Undergraduate Office.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

For information on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, contact the Department of Cell & Systems Biology.


If you have any remaining questions, or if you don't currently meet the admissions requirements and would like advice, please contact the Undergraduate Office.