We take hard industry problems and find answers grounded in research.

As Canada’s top computer science department, we are at the forefront of tech transfer. From managing big data, to bioinformatics, and the latest in software development, we are uniquely positioned to support Toronto's strong IT sector.

We regularly work with major companies such as Bell, Google and IBM, to develop new computational methods and systems. We bridge collaborations to the departments of StatisticsEconomicsElectrical & Computer EngineeringIndustrial Engineering, LinguisticsMathematicsPsychology and more, including the Faculties of Information StudiesLaw and Medicine.

Every year, we collaborate with dozens of companies on applied computing projects, from machine learning and natural language processing in mobile apps, to building a synthetic dataset for a fall detection system. See a brochure of recent MScAC projects (PDF).

More than 25 companies have been launched through the University’s Inventions Policy and our students and alumni have gone on to form 29 startups in the past five years. Our new Innovation Lab is already among the city’s top startup accelerators (BlogTO), enabling early-stage startups to connect with talent inside our department.

Support Faculty Research

  • Sponsor research that may benefit your business.

  • Define potential research collaborations with our internationally recognized experts.

  • Donate gifts-in-kind (e.g. equipment) to our academic, research, and training programs

Contact: Michael Brudno, Associate Chair, Research

Support Student Research Projects

  • Host students from our Master of Science in Applied Computing (MScAC) program for an 8-month applied research internship.

  • Many internships qualify for match-fund programs such as Mitacs Accelerate or the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) TalentEdge.

  • In addition, 16% of our Master of Science (MSc) and PhD students participate in industry R&D or startup development. We'll help connect your project to the right program and students.

Contact: Matt Medland, Managing Director, MScAC

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