Three undergraduates recognized for their course work in CSC418: Computer Graphics

And the winners are...

Three undergraduates are being recognized for their course work in CSC418: Computer Graphics. The course sections in the winter term were taught by Assistant Professor David I.W. Levin and Professor Karan Singh.

This course introduces the basic concepts and algorithms of computer graphics. It covers the basic methods needed to model and render 3D objects. Levin explains the complexity of each winning image below.

As part of their final assignment, students were asked to create computer animations and graphics using ray tracing a technique for generating images. Ray tracing leverages similar algorithms as those used CGI (computer-generated imagery) movies.

The first, second and third place mentions are for students who produce the best image or animation for the rendering contest:

First place: "Table" by Jiahui Cai

Levin explains, "The shear detail in the models really stands out here. The geometries and textures are complex, lending the image an outstanding level of realism."

Second place: "City" by Monica Iulia Leonte

"I really like two things about this image, first is the use of simple shapes to build a complex scene. Second is the shot and lighting setup. The camera angle and choice of an evening aesthetic give this image a unique style," says Levin.

Third place: "Mirror Ball" by Jordan Lee

"Generating these types of recursive reflections takes quite a bit of computational horsepower. If an image is worth a thousand words than this image is an essay  on the engineering effort put in to create it."