Northern Frontier: In conversation with Assistant Professor Sanja Fidler

Northern Frontier, Borealis AI's video interview series, showcases in-depth and engaging conversations with some of the brightest academic minds in AI research today.

Sanja Fidler, an assistant professor in U of T Mississauga's department of mathematical and computational sciences and the tri-campus graduate department of computer science is also leading NVIDIA’s new AI research lab in Toronto. Dr. Fidler has made a name, in part, by marrying her expertise in computer vision and natural language processing to fascinating – and even funny – machine learning applications.

In the YouTube video above, she sat down with Northern Frontier at the Revue Cinema located in Toronto’s west end, to explore the link between this core science and popular art form through her research, how AI can enhance human creativity and how this new frontier in tech could influence a new era of moviemaking.

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