Associate Professor Raquel Urtasun receives Western University's Fallona Family Research Award

Associate Professor Raquel Urtasun, Head of Uber ATG Toronto, co-founding member of the Vector Institute and Canada Research Chair in Machine Learning and Computer Vision will be a keynote speaker and recipient of Western University's Fallona Family Research Award, April 12.

This award recognizes Western University's Faculty of Science professors, or external candidates, who are currently active in innovative interdisciplinary research or scholarly work that positively impacts Canada and the world.

This award was established with a generous gift from Western graduates James Philip Fallona BSc Hons Chemistry and Physics 1958, MSc Physics 1962) and Mary Catherine Fallona (BSc Hons Chemistry and Physics 1961, MSc Chemistry 1965). The award is given to an internal or external candidate in alternating years. Past recipients include Charles Trick, Western University; Jocelyn Miller, University of California, Riverside; and Beth Gillies, Western University.

Urtasun's keynote and award acceptance takes place at Fallona Family Research Showcase at Western University on April 12.