Alumnus named to Canada's Developer 30 Under 30 list

Established in 2017, the  Developer 30 Under 30 is a new initiative dedicated to recognizing developers building the infrastructure behind Canada’s companies.

“In 2017, The Developer 30 Under 30 award was spearheaded with the sole intention of shining a light on the coders, the architects, and the masterminds that are responsible for the industry’s technical revolutions,” said Sep Seyedi, CEO of Plastic Mobile and the founding judge of the Developer 30 Under 30.

On this year's list is Department of Computer Science alumnus, volunteer and mentor, Sean McIntyre (HBSc 2010):

Sean is a technical director and principal software architect at Uncharted Software. He has a deep passion for growing simple solutions to tough problems, from napkin sketches through development and productionisation. Sean is responsible for supporting teams at all stages of the development lifecycle, while creating and stewarding core technology components. Away from his desk, Sean is also heavily involved in recruitment, mentorship, and the development of open-source libraries.

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