Adweek magazine: U of T Associate Professor Raquel Urtasun named among 33 Toronto-based media, marketing and tech stars

Adweek magazine's June 4 issue writes: "Far from being a regional player, Toronto can stand on its own next to New York, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, offering bold, new ideas on the world stage."

They name 33 media, marketing and tech stars who’ve helped make Toronto a vibrant creative hub.

On the list? Musician, actor, entrepreneur, Drake, and singer, songwriter and producer The Weeknd.

Also making the list is Associate Professor Raquel Urtasun, Head of Uber ATG Toronto.

Adweek magazine notes:

Uber’s been working hard to perfect self-driving technology, and Urtasun may hold the keys to the project’s success in Canada. She leads R&D for Uber’s efforts there, guiding a team of 30 engineers and designers dedicated to putting AI in the driver’s seat. Her work involves developing AI algorithms for detecting and tracking vehicles around self-driving cars, and automatically generating high-definition maps from aerial and ground-view data. To give back to the next generation—not just in the scientific community, but all Canadians—she cofounded Vector Institute, which is dedicated to developing the local cyber ecosystem and grooming researchers and engineers.