Health & Assistive Technology

A number of faculty are active in applying interactive system design, computer graphics, mobile computing, machine learning, computational linguistics, and speech processing to problems of health and to enabling technology to be accessible to broader groups in society.

Prof. Ron Baecker's Technologies for Aging Gracefully lab (TAGlab) and the TAGteam design software, systems, and experiences that support aging throughout the life course, with a particular interest in technologies for communication and cognition. Prof. Cosmin Munteanu combines research in human-computer interaction and speech recognition to design mobile and multimodal assistive interfaces for user groups such as older adults or low-literacy adults. Prof. Frank Rudzicz focuses on technologies (including robotics, speech recognition, and EEG) that support people with speech and language disorders from the physical (e.g., cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s) to the cognitive (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer’s).

Prof. Graeme Hirst and his students are developing techniques in natural language processing and speech recognition for the diagnosis of various kinds of aphasia and dementia from written and audio transcripts of interviews with patients. Prof. Alex Mihailidis leads the Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Lab which focuses on the application of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and sensors in the development of smart home systems and robotics for older adults with dementia. Prof. Sheila McIlraith and her students are working on advanced decision support systems that are customized to the preferences and needs of individual users.

Profs. Ravin Balakrishnan and Karan Singh are active in anatomical visualization and surgical planning. Prof. Eugene Fiume is working in computational biomechanics and anatomy, human body simulation, and image guided therapy.

Faculty & Associates

Ron Baecker
Ravin Balakrishnan
Craig Boutilier
Eugene Fiume
Grame Hirst
Sheila McIlraith
Alex Mihailidis
Cosmin Munteanu
Gerald Penn
Frank Rudzicz
Karan Singh
Khai Truong
Joseph Jay Williams