Database Systems

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Data management is the field of computer science related to managing data as a valuable resource. The database group studies a broad array of topics in data management exploring the algorithms, systems, and theory required for the efficient, effective use of data. Our members study data modeling, conceptual modeling and ontologies, data integration, data quality, data cleaning, metadata management, web data management and search, information retrieval, data mining, network data management, and the warehousing and analysis of text data. We also have projects related to healthcare data management and the management of biological and scientific data.


Over its thirty-year history, our database researchers have received many prestigious awards including Fellowships in the ACM, the Royal Society of Canada, and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Members have received the IFIP Silver Core Award, the NSERC Award for Excellence in Research, the US Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE), NSF Career Award, Ontario's Early Research Award, the Ontario Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA), the Bell University Labs Chair in Information Systems, and several best paper awards. We are active in the database community, have been elected as members (and chair) of the VLDB Foundation, and have served as program chairs or co-chairs for international conferences including VLDB, ACM PODS, ICDT, Conceptual Modelling (ER), WWW, and the Semantic Web. Our alumni have served on the faculties of major research universities including CMU, Harvard, the University of Maryland, and Waterloo, and have led and participated in database research efforts in influential industry research labs including Microsoft, SRI, AT&T Labs, GTE, and IBM.

We have also been recognized and supported by NSERC, NSF, and organizations including IRIS, CITO, MITACS, Bell University Labs, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Microsoft, AT&T, and IBM.


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Renée J. Miller