Prerequisites, Corequisites And Exclusions

Requesting Prerequisite and Corequisite Waivers

Do not assume that being able to register in the course means that you satisfy the prerequisites stated in the Academic Calendar. Prerequisites, corequisites, and exclusions are not checked at the time of enrolment; instead, they are checked closer to the start of classes.

Prerequisite and Corequisite Waivers:

Prerequisites and corequisites may be waived, when appropriate, according to the judgment of the instructor.

In order to be considered for a prerequisite or corequisite waiver:

  • Students must have appropriate alternate preparation and provide the instructor with documentation.

If you wish to request a waiver, contact your instructor as soon as you add the course, or alternatively, as soon as the instructor for the course is announced.

Waiver Periods:

  • Fall: Late August until the last day to add "F" courses

  • Winter: Late December until the last day to add "S" courses

  • Summer: Late April until the last day to add "Y" courses

  • NOTE: Removals can happen anytime during or after these periods


  • Exclusions cannot be waived