Dropping Down From Enriched To Regular Courses

Drop-down Deadline/changing from an accelerated or enriched course to a regular course

20195, Summer session: June 3, 2019 
20199, Fall session: October 4, 2019
20201, Winter session: January 31, 2020

Students registered in the following courses have an extended period, beyond the normal Add Date, during which they are permitted to switch:

From CSC148H1 to CSC108H1 
From CSC240H1 to CSC165H1 - must meet CSC165H1 corequisites 
From CSC240H1 to CSC236H1 - must meet CSC236H1 prerequisites
From CSC265H1 to CSC263H1 - must meet CSC263H1 prerequisites

Students may register in their new course at their college (not at the Computer Science undergrad office). If the course is full, no students will be allowed to register. Contact the instructor of the new course to make arrangements for a tutorial section.

Please note: Deadlines are strictly enforced.